Friederike Felbeck

Director, writer and producer. After her studies with Jürgen Flimm, she worked as personal assistant to Armand Gatti und Roberto Ciulli. Her debut after Pasolini´s Pig´s Stall was followed by productions of both classical and contemporary authors at municipal theatres and in the independent scene as well as international productions with the support of the Goethe Institute in Kazakhstan, Singapore, Syria and most recently Finland and Ukraine.

She has written plays about fine artists Eva Hesse and Alexej von Jawlensky and developed performances concerned with urban development and architecture. Her travels have frequently led her to the Middle East, initiating the first Syrian-German co-production after Sadallah Wannus Tuqûs al-ishârât wa al-tahawwulât.

Her productions include Everyman by Hofmannsthal, staged with actors from Germany and Senegal and Antigone, performed on the premises of a former National Socialist military training institution that was transformed to a memorial site after WWII. Since 2016 her focus has been the creation of new music theatre along with composers as Johanna Juhola, Mascha Corman, Gerhard Stäbler and most recently Alla Zagaykevych.

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